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We have inherited this group and thought it might provide a springboard for organising a proper software development event in Glasgow post lockdown.

Ideally, we would like this to be focussed on the technology with a couple of 20-minute talks by respected, experienced speakers. We can get good event space at the Raven or Griffin pubs in town.

There will be a commercial/contracting aspect to this, and we would be very keen on focussing on bringing in work and growing the contracting sector. We would, however, be keen on restricting recruitment, digital and innovation access lest we get overrun. We want to keep the tech focus. Open to suggestions.

Our friends in support, project management, testing, infosec and devops are all very much welcome. We want to bring professionals in the industry together, but just the professionals. Likewise keen to encourage developers looking to get into contracting to come along as well and get some advice from the old hands.

We very much intend on preventing it from becoming just another recruitment networking event.

If anyone would like to get involved, please get in touch. Keen to find some good knowledgeable speakers.

It will be Glasgow to start, but we can do Edinburgh.

It seemed a shame to waste this group.

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