What we're about

"This is not a novel to be thrown aside lightly. It should be thrown with great force."

This is a book club dedicated to reading those thrown novels and discussing their controversies. We'll dive into works that push the boundaries and/or explore difficult topics that still affect us today.

Some examples could include:

- Mao's "Little Red Book" to discuss Maoism/communism.
- The Color Purple to discuss racism, violence, sexual content in literature.
- Any of the Harry Potter books to discuss sorcery and Christian perspectives on the novels.
- 120 Days of Sodom to discuss virtually anything.

I'd love to hear some suggestions as well! Controversy can come in many forms and it doesn't always have to be edgy (though that is my kind of fun).

We meet monthly (ish), generally at coffee shops, in the evening for about an hour (though people are free to stay longer).

Upcoming events

No upcoming events