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Converged Infrastructure New York City group (CINYC) is a forum for gaining awareness and exchanging ideas around practical benefits of convergence of business and technology. Each one of us is, in some way, focused on bridging the gap between business requirements and the properly structured set of technologies to address such requirements. We are sensitive to the dichotomy that often exists between various groups in large organizations and we are passionate about taking a collaborative approach to closing such gaps. We are here to learn, to help each other recognize and reap rewards promised by convergence of infrastructure - a relatively new trend focused on lowering the cost of operating cloud environments by engineering and packaging technology stacks.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Converged_infrastructure

We exist to help facilitate meetups where professionals & end-users can share best practices for valuing, deploying and operating CI technologies. Professionals and experts can become aware of new market needs, and new users can gain practical knowledge, expand their foundations about market trends; everyone can grow their professional network. The collaborative cross-organizational approach to implementing CI and harnessing its benefits encourages sharing of ideas, giving rise to sharing best practices - for everyone’s benefit.

Join us if your areas of interest include business transformation, DevOps, use-cases, lessons learned as part of improved organizational re-alignment, as well as intersections of economics and technology. We expect to have a good mix of technical and business topics and, naturally, welcome speakers and practitioners.

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