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Come join us for Conversations in Witchcraft, a lightly facilitated discussion group. We talk about a huge variety of topics related to Wicca, witchcraft, and Western magickal traditions. Are you curious about the what-why-and-how of our practices? Let's talk about the many ways we connect with our deities, work magick, pursue spiritual development, and how we interact within (and beyond) our own spiritual community.

We welcome practitioners at all points on the path. Everyone is welcome! Are you newly curious? Join us! Are you an advanced practitioner? Come on over!

Monthly topics will be listed for each event. There is no charge to attend. We apppreciate cash donations to help defray costs.

Conversations in Witchcraft is facilitated by Priestesses from the Women’s Spiritual Leadership Alliance (WSLA)

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Cycles - Moon and Earth and Sun

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Moon cycles, sun cycles, seasons - how do these cycles affect our practice, and how can we incorporate them?

CANCELLED - Ritual or Magick?

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Hi again! We are NOT back yet. It's still an uncertain pandemic world. While we are being "safer at home" the store has reopened in a limited way for in person shopping. Check the website for full details! As of this writing, they are limiting customers to six at a time, with sensible requirements - so our group wouldn't even fit yet! We miss Conversations. We miss your faces and voices. We will have so much to talk about when we can meet again. Be well, be safe, and (safely!) enjoy this beautiful early summer weather! - Hawk Shadow, Sarajane, Kat, and Kathy * * * * Is all ritual magick? Does all magick require ritual? What differentiates a spell from a ritual? Do all practitioners do ritual when they do spellwork? Just what is the difference, anyhow? These are very common questions among people new to Wicca or other forms of witchcraft, and it's come up in other Conversations, so let's talk about it!


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"Manifestation" is one of those catch words we hear all the time. Manifest your dreams! Manifest prosperity! Manifest, manifest, manifest! But what does it really mean, and how do you do it? Is it really different from just wishing really, really hard?

Divination for Self Discovery

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There are many methods of divination, and we often encounter them when one person is reading for another. How do we incorporate divination as another tool in our path of self discovery?

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