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Come join us for Conversations in Witchcraft, a lightly facilitated discussion group. We talk about a huge variety of topics related to Wicca, witchcraft, and magickal traditions. Are you curious about the what-why-and-how of our practices? Let's talk about the many ways we connect with our deities, work magick, pursue spiritual development, and how we interact within (and beyond) our own spiritual community.

We welcome practitioners at all points on the path. Everyone is welcome! Are you newly curious? Join us! Are you an advanced practitioner? Come on over!

Monthly topics will be listed for each event. There is no charge to attend, though we very much apppreciate cash donations to help defray costs.

Conversations in Witchcraft is facilitated by Priestesses from the Women’s Spiritual Leadership Alliance (WSLA). The group is open to *everyone* with a sincere and respectful interest in witchcraft and related magickal traditions.

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So You Want to Find a Teacher...

Online event

Are you at a point in your journey where general discussions, public rituals, books, and internet content are no longer enough?
Is it time to find a teacher?
How do you find a teacher? Are you sure you want to find one? What qualities should you look for? What sorts of things would you be wise to avoid? Do you want a one on one teacher, or do you want to study with a coven? What is it, exactly, that you want to learn? What can you reasonably expect from a teacher?
Does it cost money?

This topic cuts both ways, just like an athame. What does a teacher look for in a prospective student? What does it mean if a teacher declines to accept you as a student? What can a teacher reasonably expect of a student?

Join us to learn more about finding a teacher - from teachers!

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Portrayals of the Witch in Media

Online event

From the art used for this Conversation (1815) to recent trends on Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram, public and media portrayals of witches have changed over time. What was once depicted as always evil in the public sphere has become a sort of "Bohemian chic". Television portrayals about magick workers and witches remain very popular.
Still, every Hallowe'en, the classic trope of the feared, green-skinned, wart plagued evil old woman return.

Let's talk about these images and how they might impact us.

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How to be a Magickal Guest

Online event

(This description is being written in March. It is my fervent hope that by the time October comes, this topic will be in-person relevant again!
- Hawk Shadow)

You've been invited to a private ritual for the first time.
This is exciting! It can also be a bit intimidating. What should you wear? What if it's a skyclad ritual? Are you supposed to bring something?
What if the group doesn't practice the same way you do?
What if you're invited to something completely outside of your own practice?

You've decided you want to attend your first in-person public ritual or a ritual at a festival you're attending for the first time. What are some good practices for attending these events?

Join us for a conversation about how to be a magickal guest.

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Religious or Spiritual?

Online event

"I'm not religious, but I am spiritual."
"I don't believe in religion. I am deeply spiritual."
"My spirituality isn't a religion."
"Religious people are all hypocrites!"
"My spirituality is more personal than religion."
"Being spiritual is the same thing as being religious."

Ad infinitum.

This topic comes up along the way as we grow and develop along our personal journeys. Have you said any of these things?
What is the difference between spirituality and religion? Is there a difference? Is one inherently better than the other?
How do these differences or similarities apply to witchcraft or Wicca?

Let's talk about it.

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