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Let's walk at Wheaton indoor track on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Meet in the little lobby on the top floor outside the indoor track. The track is free for everyone at 1777 S. Blanchard in Wheaton. Walk about 2 or 3 miles, about 40-60 minutes. We will start walking by 5:35.

Wheaton Park District Community Center

1777 S Blanchard St · Wheaton, IL

What we're about

This is a great group for people who want to get outdoors walking and hiking with others. We leisurely walk and hike year round at a Forest Preserve. Depending on the pace of the individual hikers on a hike the group usually spreads out so that everyone can hike/walk at a comfortable pace. We hike twice a month except in December through March when we hike once a month due to the winter weather. To remain an active member of the trail blazer hiking group I require that you attend a minimum of 4 hikes every year. Since we have a minimum of 2 hikes per month for 8 months and then 1 hike per month during the winter, there should be plenty of opportunities for you to schedule the kind of hike you enjoy.

We have decided to add Kane County Forest Preserve Trails to compliment Cook County and DuPage County Forest Preserve Trails. We will also be offering a larger variety of hiking events [short hikes at Herrick Lake for example] as well as other get together events [December - Irish Legend Bar] throughout the year.

We hike from 1 to 5 miles. On a rare occasion we may hike over 5 miles like at Busse Woods Forest Preserve which is a 7 mile circular hike or Waterfall Glen which is an 11 mile hike.


Children are welcome on hikes.


Dogs are welcome on hikes, as long as the forest preserve allows them. I will mention on specific hike information if dogs are not allowed to accompany the group due to the restrictions of the area we will be hiking such as the Morton Arboretum or the Little Red School House. or Cantigny.


I always welcome our members to bring guests with them on all hikes/activities the group is having. You never know if a guest may decide to join the group.

Not Sure if this is the Hiking Group for you?

If you have any reservations if this is the right hiking group for you … come out and join us on a hike then decide if you want to join as a member. I assure you will not regret hiking with us. We are a very friendly and inviting group. I'm sure you will find someone you can chat with as we hike together.

Membership Dues:

Organizer pays $179.88 yearly for having this group on Meetup.Com. We will gladly accept donations of any amount. Thanks!

Suggestions for Hikes:

As organizer I welcome suggestions for places for our group to hike as well as suggestions for a variety of activities. As a member, you can even organize a hike or activity for the other members to join you on.

*********Another Meetup group is Im Not Dead Yet - 50-plus [INDY]**********

****** A wonderful meetup group which offers a variety of interesting activities throughout the year during the weekdays, weekday evenings as well weekends. I highly recommend checking out the various venues. You can never have to many options to entertain you and fill empty time especially during our long winters.

******** Please visit at: ********

The organizer of INDY is Jim.

Attention: When planning on attending my Trailblazer hikes; please consider these factors: your general health, level of ability to handle hiking, the appropriate shoes and outerwear depending on the season of the hike, appropriate hydration, your need for trekking poles [helps with balance on unlevel ground surfaces] and your willingness to make new friends who share your interest in hiking.

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