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Cooking Together For Your Toddler!
In less than half an hour, we will teach you how to make a vegetable, and a fruit puree, and give you a sample for you and/or your toddler(s).

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What we're about

Why Cooking for Toddlers?
Why not? Families all around the country are looking for a healthier way to eat. Any item classified as “organic” or “natural’ catches our attention; yet we are not setting the foundation for appropriate long- lasting eating habits, the kind that will transform our healthy children into healthy adults.
A Chef and a Pediatrician join efforts to give families simple recipes to make baby and toddler food at home. Mediterranean style. In 30 minutes or less. From scratch.
We share our first experience with food while growing up in Spain, our struggles with our own children, and the knowledge acquired during our professional life. We bring it all together to young families with one single purpose: To empower mothers and fathers of young children to make a difference in their life.

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