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This is a group FOR WOMEN ONLY, NO MEN! Sorry ladies for this and the weird questions but you'd be amazed at how many men still apply.

Hey there and welcome,

London is a hard place to keep friends and even harder to make them. Either you just got here and don't know a sole, people are too busy, about to go back home, got married, had kids or some reason or another and you've found yourself in need of a bigger circle of girlfriends. But the idea of going to an event where you don't know anyone can be daunting for even the most social of people.

Well if you live, work or even just love to play in the Camden, Islington, Hampstead and surrounding areas then this is the group for you. We are very welcoming and if you are on the shy side we will make sure you feel at ease. Nicole joined and eventually took over this group to meet some cool ladies, wing-women if you like, 9 years ago.

She decided to step down and a group of us, who would not have met had this group not existed, have taken it on so that we can help others make the same great friends that we now have through this group and some new ones too!

North London is a great place. There’s loads going on in centrally located Upper Street in Islington but we also do events in Stoke Newington, Camden, and Hampstead and other surrounding areas.

The group's events are anything from bike rides (when it's nice out) to nights out on the town to cups of coffee, dinner and everything in-between. Also if others are interested in going further afoot than London or even the UK short breaks and maybe some long ones too will be planned. The door is wide open and all suggestions are welcome. This is your group too and the old saying of "you get what you put into it" is no truer than here. So clear your throat and pipe up. You might just get a tailored event with ready made company. Can't beat that.


1 - If your plans change ALWAYS UPDATE YOUR RSVP even if you've already let us know. Simples

2 - Always leave your phone number in case we need to call you. ***We don't keep them!***

3 - Add a clear picture of just your face as your main photo so we know who we’re looking for.

4 - 3 "No Shows" without contacting us at some point (before, during or after) will be removed from the group if you do this three times. Once is fine (we understand life can get complicated), twice is pushing it, three times is just rude.

Every time you no show you are depriving someone on the waitlist of a place and this is not fair on them

No one likes to be stood up and believe it or not we’ll actually worry if you're lost or something if you don't show up. And if we don't have a clear pic to go by we won't know who we're looking out for.

Easy enough right?

All events will be £1.50 to be paid before departure. Unless there is an upfront fee for tickets or stuff like that, then it will be added to the price. All the money will go towards our costs for running the group, ie fee to meetup for having the group. We do not operate on a profit basis and any excess fees will be used to reduce the attendance fee for all.

So if this group sounds like something you want to be apart of please join up. We look forward to meeting our newest addition at one of the many cool events coming up.

Andrea, Claire, Lis, Mel and Natasha

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