What we're about

Established in December of 2008, Cool Mule Poker has been running fun and free to play poker events all over Ontario ever since. Our philosophy is a 'by players, for players' approach where the emphasis is on a great experience for the players. If the players have a great experience, the Venues will have a thriving league and a thriving night of business every night there is a poker event.

For us it's not about easy administration or making loads of money. It's about a fun league. A league where players enjoy the experience, the company, the Venue and the thrill of a points race. It's about the fun side of poker without the risk.

We encourage you to come out and try it. If you love poker or you are a new player looking to learn, a Cool Mule Poker night is a great time. If you don't have a Venue close by, let us know about your regular hang out and we will see about getting a league started there.

We have been around over 10 years for a reason ...

Also note, not everyone is on Meet Up so don't let the number of player registered fool you. Many players simply show up and play. We have almost 3000 players registered in our database and venues usually expect 2 to 4 tables each night.

So just come on out and join us. It's just risk free, fun poker!

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