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Copenhagen AWS User Group is a community for professionals who are interested in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Weather you want to share knowledge, ask questions, share tips and tricks, network or you just want to join our talks or social events, then this is the group for you! We will aim to host 6-10 events per year which will be a mix of talks from key people outside the group, content from members and social events.

We are always open for people and organizations that want to contribute to the group. This could be speakers, organizers, sponsors etc. Reach out to the organizers!

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IoT in action with AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass

Novozymes A/S

Massimiliano Angelino, Specialist Solution Architect IoT at AWS, will join us for a talk on ASW and IoT: IoT is a popular buzzword nowadays, but what does it means and what does it takes to build a scalable and secure IoT solution? In this session we introduce you to AWS IoT services and show you how these can be used to build connected application in the digital and physical world. https://www.linkedin.com/in/massimiliano-angelino/ Speakers from the community; Federico Decara, Digital Strategy Consultant at Novozymes, will talk about how IOT is used for predictive maintenance of our factory equipment. Hundreds of sensors with a sample rate above 60,000 measurements per second is being installed and the data collected will be used to monitor the “health” of the factory machinery and optimize the timing and need for maintenance thereby increasing operating efficiency and reducing breakdowns. Novozymes is sponsoring the event with location, food and soft drinks. Novozymes is a world leader of production of biological solutions. We are working with a number of IOT technologies to improve our biological manufacturing processes and to increase the efficiency of our equipment. We build our tools as Cloud-only and Open Source-first using the best technologies from both cloud providers, like AWS, as well as Open Source projects to solve the tasks at hand.

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Resilient architectures and continuous deployment

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