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A group for everyone interested in low level programming (in C, C++, or other performant programming languages). All skills levels are welcome.

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C/C++ Meetup 0x05 - back to the beginning

Kuglegårdsvej 17

It’s time for another C/C++ meetup. This time we’ll go back to the origin, where Elis, the original creator and author of this C/C++ group will host (together with Jens) at Elis’ office, Airtame. The event has limited space, so please use and update the RSVP to help us organize the event better. This evenings theme will be compile-time, template and meta-programming in C++ and in D. Agenda: 18:30 – 18:50 Welcome, find a seat 18:50 – 18:55 Short opening note 19:00 – 19:35 Jens Schønberg: Resolving templates in C++ with or without substitution A talk about templates in C++, how they’re resolved, what we mean by resolving a template expression and what happens when we can't find a substitution. We’ll look briefly at some Substitution is not an Error technique; its uses and its verbose nature. 19:35 – 20:00 break, pizza and socialize 20:00 – 20:30 Claudio Cabral: Compile-time and Template MetaProgramming from a (D)ifferent perspective. Compile time and template metaprogramming are becoming increasingly important in C++, and are now part of the techniques developers need to know to use the language effectively. However, C++ is still evolving in those areas, and prominent members of the standards committee have many proposals which improve and expand such features. The D programming language, a younger descendant of C++, provides a unique insight into the future of C++, being an early implementer of many features like Ranges, contracts, scope guards and Introspection. It's a fun, elegant language which not only empowers the user to write efficient code quickly, but also lets us explore bleeding edge programming techniques that are not available in C++ yet. Through out this talk, we'll explores D's compile time and meta programming features that will surely find their way into C++ in the future in one way or another. 20:35 - 20:40 Thanks for tonight Thanks to Airtame for hosting this event once again! And I look forward to seeing you all!

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C/C++ Meetup 0x04 - IO Interactive

Gammel Mønt

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