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*******************UPDATE January*********************

Unfortunately I've become really busy over the last couple of months, I would love to continue the group but change the format. I will be looking for a new venue over the next month or so but if you know of any place that fits these parameters please let me know:
- Open space with desks and tables to fit max 30 people
- Where we will be relatively undisturbed
- Where we are able to purchase coffee or some light food (or bonus points if we can buy beer)
- The venue must be free for us to sit there on a week night from ~18.00 untill ~22.00, twice a month

Hope to see you all soon


This is for people that are new to programming, whether you're studying at university, learning in your spare time, whether you're focusing on font end, back end or if you want to start learning but don't know where to begin.

It can be difficult learning a new skill, especially when you don't have peers to learn with. Peer to peer learning can really speed up the process and can often clear up issues in two minutes that could have taken days to solve alone. In short, people overcome challenges faster when they work together.

We can meet up, share insight, tips, tricks, suggest learning material, network and most importantly help each other along with any tricky programming issues we may be having. Lets have a drink and code!

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