What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in Coop, sustainability, organic food, local food, animal welfare, volunteering.

Coop Garage is a grassroot project, created by Coop members. Not affiliated with Coop Denmark A/S.

We will arrange talks, meetups, presentations, projects for all interested.

All discussions are fact-based and respectful for opinions.

We meet in Kødbyen, walking distance from Copenhagen Central Station. We are associated with Coop Amba, the largest Coop in Denmark with 1.7 mio members, but are run entirely by volunteers.

Past events (13)

Talk: Cooperatives in Denmark, Coop and Coop Garage

Coop Garage

Invitation to be part of a CSR blockchain competition

The Danish Techinical University (DTU)

AI-Powered Supermarkets: Reading Minds – and Stomachs

Københavns Madhus

Foodtech Cooperatives: Future of Foods Going Back to the Roots

Københavns Madhus

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