Danes in Ethereum


Last year we did a meetup with Trustlines, Raiden and MakerDAO. All are projects that Danes are involved in. This year we want to repeat the success. The Ethereum eco system is growing, and so is our agenda compared to last year. This year we add uPort to the list of projects on the agenda.
In addition to Gustav, Jacob and Rune from last year, Pelle from uPort will also be presenting.

The European Blockchain Center (http://ebccenter.eu/) at the IT University of Copenhagen has been so kind to make sure that we can use the biggest auditorium at the university for the meetup.

Hopefully even more people will show up than last year. We promise a night with interesting talks and interesting people.

The presentations will be in English.

The preliminary agenda is as follow:

- Welcome and introduction

- Trustlines Network (by Gustav Friis)

- MakerDAO (by Rune Christensen)

- Break and networking (with drinks and snacks)

- Raiden Network (by Jacob Czepluch)

- uPort (by Pelle Brændgaard)

For more info on the project see: