What we're about

The Copenhagen Hardware Alliance boost the hardware technology and design ecosystem in Denmark and facilitate a stronger collaborative culture amongst practitioners working with hardware entrepreneurship.

Who are we for?
The Copenhagen Hardware Alliance is for people working with tangible products (hardware) across multiple disciplines: science, tech, design, business and governance.

Hardware meetups
At the core of the alliance are the meetups, where we gather the hardware community around sharing and feedback based on current hardware projects and topics.
If you have an idea for a meetup theme or want to co-host one, please get in touch at tra@ida.dk .

Next meetup: August 21st, co-hosted by Copenhagen Industries. More info will follow

Previous meetups:

May 29, co-hosted By Innovation House China-Denmark
February 20, co-hosted by Airtame
November 1st, co-hosted by UNDERBROEN

Initiators & advisors:
Simon Herzog, Director at Anglemap; Professional Programmes Manager at CIID
Morten Wagner, Head of IdemoLab, Delta Force Technology
Mikkel Holst, Head of Creative Growth, City of Copenhagen
David Dizon, CPO of M-Payg

The Copenhagen Hardware Alliance is powered by:
IDA, The Danish Society of Engineers
DTU, The Technical University of Denmark
DDC, The Danish Design Centre

Past events (4)

Copenhagen Hardware Alliance Meetup #5


Copenhagen Hardware Alliance Meetup #4

Copenhagen Industries

Copenhagen Hardware Meetup #3

Innovation House China-Denmark

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