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This is a group for people who love to go to live concerts with the bands they love with friends and strangers, and for those who want to discover new bands.

It is managed by Low-Fi (http://lowficoncerts.com/), a community for user-generated, intimate live gigs. BUT, we don’t want this group to be just an advertising board for Low-Fi. We really want to support live music in general and we want people to continue to schedule meetups around love music.

So, if you want to post a gig, just write Low-Fi (Co-organizer) and ask to be made an event organizer. We welcome any live music experience in and around Copenhagen.

Let's music2gether!

Upcoming events (5+)

Classical piano home concert with Maria Bundgård

SPANISH SKETCHES is inspired by Miles Davis' SKETCHES OF SPAIN and is a concert with classical piano music written by Spanish composers or composers inspired by Spain. Let the Spanish sun overshine the Nordic winter in this exclusive home concert at Jenny's place, when Maria Bundgård from Paris plays passionate music by Granados, Mompou, Albéniz, Chopin, Ravel and Debussy !

Concert with a Soul: Mirja Klippel & Alex Jønsson

Mirja Klippels music is melodic and poetic, evoking an intimate space that is carried forward by her compelling voice and acoustic guitar. Backed by her musical partner Alex Jønssons vocals and electric guitar, seeing the duo live is a unique and profound experience where you find yourself drawn in by the alluring atmosphere and the subtle songs. With “River of Silver” Mirja Klippel has created an album which is derived from the close and personal yet also touches on universal topics such as social injustice, whilst leaving hope for a better future. So where should she play if not at think.dk!? As usual, we'll gonna create a super extra cozy atmosphere for you! Prepare to be as close to the artist as it gets, and connect with other music lovers over wonderful sounds & lyrics :) And remembers that members of think.dk can bring a friend for free! Get your tickets here: https://lowficoncerts.com/da/listing/concert/concert-with-a-soul-mirja-klippel-alex-jnsson

Spansk klaverkoncert med Maria Bundgård


Under titlen SPANISH SKETCHES, inspireret af Miles Davis SKETCHES OF SPAIN, tager den fantastiske parisiske pianist Maria Bundgård udgangspunkt i klassisk klavermusik, der enten er skrevet af spanske komponister eller komponister inspirerede af Spanien. Det bliver en varmblodig og intens aften, når den nordiske senvinter blive overstrålet sydens sol og varme, imens Maria Bundgård spiller skøn og passioneret musik af Granados, Mompou, Albéniz, Chopin, Ravel og Debussy Der er lyddesignet spansk vin, samt lidt snacks inkluderet i billetten. Dørene åbner 19:00 Køb din billet her: https://lowficoncerts.com/da/listing/concert/maria-bundgaard

Intim koncert med Ben Chawes (DK) hos Sølyst


🎤 Ben Chawes klar med spritnye sange på det eksklusive 🏡Sølyst d. 28. marts Ben Chawes’ (a.k.a. Benni Chawes) anerkendte debut "Up Close” sendte sangeren, pianisten og entertaineren ud på en storstilet turné i 18 lande i Europa, Asien, Mellemøsten, USA og Canada. Han har som en af de få musikere, sunget sin vej ind til Ray Charles’ hjerte og som den første musiker underskrevet en eksklusiv sponsoraftale med Bang & Olufsen. Kom og vær med når det famøse Sølyst, Den Kgl. Skydebane i Klampenborg, åbner dørene for en eksklusiv Ben Chawes koncert med band d. 28 marts kl. 20 (dinner er muligt kl. 18).

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The Badass Women Series: #1 Ronja


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