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CNUG is the user group for .Net developers in Copenhagen. We discuss all things .Net-related but also architectural principles and general methodogy like Test Driven Development. All meetings are free and everyone with an interest in .Net and/or software development are welcome!

Also checkout our website on http://cnug.dk or engage with us on twitter (https://twitter.com/cphdotnet) (@cphdotnet) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/cphdotnet/)

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Repeatable execution by Mark Seemann

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Together with our friends at DFDS we are happy to invite you to attend this meetup where Mark Seemann will do a talk about Repeatble execution.

Repeatable execution
What should applications log? Much enterprise code has logging code liberally sprinkled over it. Often, too much. Programmers log lots of things out of fear of not being able to troubleshoot problems that might occur in production. Even if you log a lot, however, how do you know that you haven’t missed a piece of crucial information?

In this talk, I’ll discuss a formal method for deciding what to log, and what you don’t need to log. Learning from functional programming, distinguishing between pure and impure code holds the key to such decisions. Examples will be mainly in C#, with some Haskell as well. No knowledge of Haskell is necessary.

By Mark Seemann, https://twitter.com/ploeh

This meetup is kindly sponsored and hosted by DFDS.

The meetup will take place at DFDS' offices:
Marmorvej[masked] København Ø

Breaking down e-conomic, a 20 year old monolith

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This time around we have some special lined up for you. From the trenches. 3 developers will share their journey with the work involved in splitting up a 20 year old monolith.

Visma e-conomic is the market leader in cloud-based financial systems in Denmark and has over 160,000 customers.

E-conomic was created more than 20 years ago, and the code-base still shows signs of the various technologies and frameworks used over the years; it has grown into a huge ball of mud. This makes it hard to develop and maintain features.
The idea of breaking down our monolith has been around in the organization for a while and it was not until last year that we officially started this undertaking. It is a worthwhile journey, but not an easy one.
We are doing this to support our growth ambitions, meaning reducing time to market and overall cost of maintaining the system. There are tradeoffs of course, and in this case it is added infrastructure complexity and cost of transition itself, which will mean direct changes to how we work, how we collaborate and also deprecation and/or change of some existing features.


Henrik Christensen:
"Henrik has been working in software since 2000. In 2008 he was hired by e-conomic and has been enjoying building and improving software here ever since. He is currently working as Lead Software Architect, shaping the software for the future and guiding other teams to make informed architectural decisions.
In his spare time he is desperately trying to raise two small boys, marveling at their imagination and how they see the world, which leaves little time for anything else, but he does occasionally enjoy a game of backgammon and some cold craft beer."

Yashar Haghvirdi:
"Yashar started his career as a full-stack developer about 10 years ago in Iran. Since then, he has worked on several projects in a variety of domains. He is now working as a Software Architect in Visma e-conomic helping in shaping the system's future architecture. In his free time, whenever he is not occupied by video games, he enjoys creative activities such as sculpting, wood-working and drawing."

Mehran Toosi:
"Mehran fell in love with coding when he was 11 and he started working professionally when he was 18, the same time that he started studying computer science in university. During the next 17 years he worked in 7 companies in 3 countries. He has been working as a Software Architect for the past 3.5 years of his career and been working in Visma e-conomic for the past 1.5 years where he is helping with shaping various products as well as helping with decomposing the e-conomic monolith to prepare it for a modern scalable design. In his free time, he enjoys Cycling, Hiking and Photography"

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Building a software platform for a product line by Rachel Appel

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