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Docker for .NET Developers and Azure Machine Learning

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Annexstræde 5 · Valby

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Right next to Valby station


Two session for the (free) price of one. For this meetup we get a visit from Ben Hall who will talk about Docker for .NET applications, and Barbara Fusińska who will talk about Azure Machine Learning.

Deploying .NET applications with Docker Containers on Windows Server 2016 and Linux

Docker has changed the way we deploy applications onto Linux and ARM based systems. Windows Server 2016 introduces first class container support to the Windows Kernel.

In this session, Ben will explore how Docker and Windows will work together, the impact it will have and how you can get started. Ben will also compare Windows Containers to Linux Containers and why it's important to consider both.

Key talking points will include:

- Deploying applications using Windows containers

- Deploying applications using Linux containers and why they’re different

- Managing Windows containers using tools from the Docker ecosystem

- Combining Linux and Windows containers

- Difference between Nano containers and Server Core containers

- Why Hyper-V isolation exists

At the end attendees will understand how containers on Windows will work and the problems they’ll solve.

Predicting the future as a service with Azure ML

Every day we are noticing that applications are becoming more intelligent. They can predict your online shopping preferences, movies you want to watch or interesting articles. Nowadays it’s hard to imagine a successful business that is not making a profit from some data forecasts.

Usually, any predictive analytics requires in-depth knowledge on machine learning. Companies need to think of hiring skilled staff able to build and manage complex models. This is the place when Azure Machine Learning Studio comes in. It offers low-cost, easy to use and a managed environment for developers of all skills levels.

During this talk Barbara will provide information about the following topics:- Creating an Azure ML experiment- Using variety of data manipulation techniques- Creating predictive models for classification and regression problems- Customising ML process- Publishing and consuming an endpoint for predictive analysis

After this talk, attendees will get to know basics of Azure ML Studio. They will be able to use a variety of data sources, create experiments and use the predictions in their systems. The talk will provide them with the information on how to enrich their system by reasoning from data using proven and highly scalable ML technologies in an easy and low-cost way.


While Ben is in Copenhagen (on Friday the 9th) he will be doing a workshop on "Running Docker and Containers in Development and Production" at a very affordable price for CNUG members - register here:

See the details including agenda for the workshop on

About the speakers

Ben Hall ( has done the rounds as a tester, developer, speaker, freelancer, startup entrepreneur and most recently working at a startup investment company in London.Ben is currently building , an online learning platform for software engineers.

Barbara Fusinska ( is a software developer and mentor to inspiring developers. Working with a range of different companies, Barbara gained experience with team dynamics. This has lead to her strong belief in shaping a proper working environment. She trusts this allows high-functional teams to reach their full qualities. Alongside building passionate teams, Barbara enjoys collaborating around architectures. Currently speaking at conferences in-between working in London. Tweets at @BasiaFusinska ( and blogs on .

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