Show me your Architecture 2 - Reviso

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Learn from others – the architectural tradeoffs of complex system design. Share why the chosen architectural decisions was the best option and why other options was discarded.

Timeboxed one-hour session about system architecture. The presenter will share their solution architecture, and you will be able to ask questions and discuss alternative solutions.

This will be learning sessions for all, juniors as well as old farts. Ask any questions and let everyone participate. Remember don’t be hash, there are no dumb questions!

The second round of “Show me your Architecture” features Reviso.

Migrating a legacy application to Azure ... to build software like it's 2017

Reviso is an international SaaS accounting platform for SME and their accountants. Reviso is a fork of e-conomic and a small part of the codebase still dates back to the start of the century. The architecure has grown and evolved over the years and has a mixed core stack with both classic asp and .NET all running in Azure with a backing Azure SQL as main storage. Some parts has been moved to micro services (mainly node.js) and a service bus (RabbitMQ). This talk summarizes our journey from in-house hosting (with an accompanying opreations team) to full cloud platform with plenty of integrations and developers running the entire show (living the DevOps dream) with full CI/CD.

• Intro: The architecture and platform we inherited and the frame for the initial transformation

• Where we ended up, why and what we learned (architecture, platform and technology)

• Current challenges (completed and pending)

• What is in the future (Next steps, guiding star)

• Q&A and discussion

About the speaker

Mikkel Uhrbrand Frederiksen is Tech Lead at Reviso and has been a key player in moving the platform from in-house to Azure.