What we're about

This is a group for people who wish to share a general enthusiasm for the diversity of programming languages. A place where we can share our experiences with different languages from beginners fumbling to expert experience. The meetup group may also be a home for all those languages that don't (yet) warrant their own permanent user groups. Expect to hear talks and discussions on everything from the new hot languages, the really old school, the special-case languages and the really exotic, esoteric ones. Everything related to programming is welcome, and we encourage everyone to contribute.

This group has come into life, inspired by a long chat after a recent Clojure meetup, and is co-organized by @mads_hartmann (https://twitter.com/Mads_Hartmann), @keleshev (https://twitter.com/keleshev), and @jankrag (https://twitter.com/jankrag)

We have a homepage at http://www.polyglots.dk/ where you can also sign up for the mailing-list.

You are also encouraged to follow the groups twitter account @polyglotsdk, and we can be contacted by mail at meetup@polyglots.dk .

Greets from Jan, Vladimir and Mads.

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