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Geocaching for beginners

Hosted by The Copenhagen Adventure Group

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Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt. You walk around looking for geocaches that have been hidden by other geocachers. When found you log your visit since all caches at least contain a logbook (you can also log it online at ( and share you're experience with other geocachers).

Some caches also contain "treasures", so remember to bring some small items since you have to leave a "treasure" if you take one.

For more info about geocaching you can look here (

As you can see here (, there are plenty of geocaches in the area.

Since the meetup starts close to lunch time it might be an idea to bring lunch or a snack.

If anyone has a GPS device that supports input of latitude/longitude coordinates please bring it.

You can also use your phone for geocaching. has an official app for Android, IOS and Windows Phone 7, although it has some limitations in the free edition. There are also third party apps you can use.

Please check out the following links for ios and android og

However, all apps usually require that you have an account on, so if you wan’t to use your phone for geocaching create an account and install one of the apps in advance.

We will be bringing a few GPSes, so you can try one of them as well. We will not have enough for everyone so people will have to take turns using them (or use their phone)