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Immerse yourself in Virtual Reality Motion Capture and WebVR

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Hi VR AR 360 Enthusiasts.

2016 is going to be super exciting and reality will never be the same! We'll kick off with a presentation and demo of a MOCAP (Motion Capture) system by Noitom (

They're bringing a couple of their DK2's, but their system even handles VR fingertracking with HTC Vive. You will however be able to suit up and play around as an avatar :D

Virtual reality in the browser is coming

The opportunity for Virtual Reality on the Web is exciting and recently it has become much more accessible with open source libraries that even novice developers can use to build VR experiences in very little time. It's still early days but soon the browser will become a portal to virtual reality. Casper Fabricius has started to play around with WebVR and will give an introduction to WebVR (Virtual Reality in the browser).


4.15 PM Pre-Meetup: Try MOCAP

5:00 PM Registration

5.20 PM Introduction by Theis Madsen and Anette Kreuzberg

5:30 PM "WebVR: Virtual Reality in the Browser", Casper Fabricius (, Freelance VR Developer, Immersion FTW

6:00 PM "MOCAP: Become the Avatar in VR" Roch Nakajima and Alexander Alvarez, Noitom
[masked] PM Networking, food, drinks and two demo stations where you can become the Avatar in VR

OBS the address is not obvious for the Entrance D. See photo below and map link above.


Event Host Anette Kreuzberg ( &

Organizer @TheisMacMadsen (

A big thank you to our event host and sponsor School of Architecture (