What we're about

This circle was created to help all those entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs, in and around Copenhagen (folks from over the bridge are more than welcome to join!), who are looking for a place to discuss how to grow their business through the Lean Startup principles.

We wish to create an exciting community, where we together can explorer interpretations and applications of the LS-principles, in both startup and corporate life. We aim to build a diverse group of interesting people, who are willing to come and share their perceptions, experiences and ideas, in a friendly and open environment. We support the notion of The Lean Startup being a part of a new and exciting group of applicable theories, looking for new ways to help convert ideas and hypothesis, to deliverable real-life value propositions. That's why we will try to create an open dialog, where there is room for the future evolution of both our ideas, and the LS-principles.

So if your an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, hacker, product manager, designer, analyst or business dev. person, willing to inspire others and get inspired, in the ongoing debate on business growth, then this group is your thing.

*** Hashtag: #LeanCPH ***

You wan't to present a MVP or other lean startup related things at the meetup? Please ping us. Follow us on twitter (@LeanCPH (https://twitter.com/LeanCPH)) and facebook (facebook.com/CopenhagenLeanStartupCircle (https://www.facebook.com/CopenhagenLeanStartupCircle)) and invite your Lean Startup interested peers over!

To learn more about the Lean Startup movement, please check out: www.TheLeanStartup.com. The Lean Startup is a trademark and service mark owned by Eric Ries.

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Odense B2B Startup Hunt

EAL Incubator

Last lean meetup

Din Nye Ven

"From Running Lean to Scaling Lean" talk w/ Ash Maurya (Skype)

Founders House in Startup Village

"From Running Lean to Scaling Lean" talk w/ Ash Maurya (Skype)

Founders House in Startup Village

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