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The goal of this group is to provide a caring and supportive community using sound vibration and music as a tool for expression, insight, and contemplation. In this unique group atmosphere, imagery programs are paired with specially chosen pieces of classical music, which acts as a guide for the participant, allowing the mind to go where it needs to go for healing.

Group members are taught to use breathing techniques, music and sound vibration to reach deeper states of relaxation. They are taught to consciously direct the brain's ability to imagine. This allows participants to gently guide and nurture the emotional center of the brain while bringing about an experience of release and insight.

During each group, there is also an element of creating music together: either through toning with crystal singing bowls or drumming as a group. Crystal singing bowls are also used throughout each workshop.

Website: http://wellnessmusictherapy.com/grief-and-loss.html

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