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What we’re about

Wake up to the joy of movement. Dance yourself and the world alive!

Both "Core Connexion" and "Open Floor" are Conscious Dance practices that build muscular and emotional intelligence, mindfulness and soulfulness. It's a lively meditation practice. There are no steps to follow but your own. Listening to and sensing our bodies we follow its own movements. An eclectic mix of global rhythms will inspire slow and internal dances as well as wild and exuberant ones. Each week we work with a different theme and explore it with various activities.

My goal is to help people find their own unique expression in dance and movement and feel comfortable in their own bodies. This leads to more self-confidence and better self-knowledge. The dance floor is a place to practice and hone skills that have relevance in real life. Recent scientific studies have shown the benefits of dancing. It makes people feel better, happier and activates the healing properties of the body.

"Core Connexion on the Open Floor" is a fun cardio-vascular work-out as well as mindfulness training. It fosters creativity, encourages playfulness and enhances the ability to react sensitively to others. As an added benefit it increases flexibility and fitness. I allow people to be themselves and provide a safe container for this. When we move together, we grow communities that care for each other on and off the dance floor.

Every body is welcome and no experience is required.

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