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Lets celebrate “Java Day” on 24th Nov
Hi All, 24th November we are going to have full day event. We have called it “Java Day” (not thought too much before calling). We are going to have some high class talks with F&B. Here goes the talk list :- * Bridging the divide between architecture and code - By Chris Chedgey * Loop Strip Mining optimization in Hotspot C2 compiler - By Rahul Raghavan * Deep Dive into Executor Framework - By Nawazish Khan * Performance impact with the various flags that has been added from JDK8 and onwards in JDK - By Vaibhav Choudhary [HANDS-ON] * JEP 318: Epsilon: A No-Op Garbage Collector (Experimental) - By Fairoz Matte * API Gateway in micro-services by Aniket Kumar , Manish Sharma Where : Oracle Campus, Prestige Tech Park When : 10.00 AM onwards, 24th Nov Details of all these talks can be seen here : This is a *free* event - please join by RSVPing to the event in the link above.

OJ001, Oracle, Valence building, prestige tech park.

OJ001, Oracle, Valence building, prestige tech park. · Bangalore

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    Programming is fun! Java is very rich and there is so much learn from the language and its libraries.

    Good knowledge in Core Java is important for using or developing Java based libraries and tools (e.g., Hadoop, Spring, Hibernate, Storm, ...). Core Java is also important for cracking Oracle's Java certifications (e.g., OCPJP 8). Core Java skills gives you an edge in the job market so it makes perfect sense to hone your Java skills.

    Come and join us if you want to explore core Java topics, including:

    • Functional programming in Java 8

    • Modularity support in Java 9

    • Parallel programming with Stream API (Java 8)

    Our promise: Amazing talks from Java experts!

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