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Formerly 'Silicon Valley Core Routing and Switching Group'.

This group is for everyone interested in learning and sharing their knowledge of Computer Networks... especially for the Electrical and Computer Engineering students to learn the Core Computer Networking Technologies called ... Routing and Switching (RS), which form the basis for several other technologies and also for the Internet. The knowledge of these traditional technologies is very useful in research and development (Comp. Networking R&D), and also obviously in the industry.



Switching (which includes Layer-2 techniques) forms the basis for network connectivity. Switching helps the network devices to know/discover each other and initiate the network connectivity. It also helps in improving the performance of in-house networks such as those within a building, campus, etc. Routing helps in effectively interconnecting different networks/subnets. Switching and Routing form the foundation for the 'Internet'. Various other technologies that operate on top of Switching and Routing were invented. For example, MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS) was introduced for accelerating the packet forwarding process within ISPs. Similarly, today's Data Center (DC) Networking effectively supports huge storage devices and their networks while still operating along with the switching and routing techniques. Wireless networking, firewall technologies, etc, operate well on the basis of RS. So, the knowledge of (fundamentals of) Switching/Routing is very essential for computer networking engineers.

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