Past Meetup

Power Yoga - Open Class


Open level class for Power Yoga. Any level student can practice, taking the postures to a more challenging experience. Beginners are welcome, postures can always be modified to suit the individual. As always, listen to your body, take the postures to were it feels right for you and have fun! This class builds upon Basic yoga postures, continuing our growth. Students always have the option to take this class where they desire... from a basic level and build foundation or to more challenging postures and flow techniques. It all depends on the individual and what their body needs ! Its an open field for exploration and discovery.

Breathing techniques focused upon during practice to connect the body and mind with the breath. Power Yoga builds muscle strength from the core outward, tones the body, creates endurance and stamina. Great for over all health. Breathing techniques calm the mind and ground the self.

There is a 15 minute optional deep relaxation and guided meditation after class going deeper into chakra balancing.