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After I had my first baby in my late 30s I felt my body was not the same, less functional, a place of discomfort. I believe we can do so much for ourselves, and one thing is spending quality time with our bodies, on a mat, seating, breathing, moving mindfully.

Reconnecting with your deep core and pelvic floor is very important and often forgotten! Isolation of muscles are great (like doing only quads or bicep curls) but functionality of our whole body is what determines our quality of life today and tomorrow. Our deep core muscles and pelvic floor should not be forgotten in our new year’s resolution list. They are enablers of our everyday life activities.

It goes way beyond the aesthetics of flat abs or skinny jeans. The strength of these muscles allow us from holding a good posture and looking great, gaining awareness to how our bodies move when we are not paying attention ( when we are in autopilot, which is 90 % of the time), to having a life with less pain (because believe me, at the end, after years of our bodies trying to compensate, it gives up).

This bootcamp is unique because it will go from retraining your breathing pattern to mindfulness -based body scans, corrective exercises targeting pelvic floor and deep core muscles.

This bootcamp is for you whether you want to optimize your balance and posture, improve your incontinence (leaking), pain or feeling of heaviness, diastasis recti (doming on the abdomen), lessen back and neck pain, or simply you just want the challenge of something new and want to be ahead of the game (for instance if you are planning on getting pregnant, postpartum, or perimenopausal).

Pre-registration is required! Since it will run in a small group of participants.
BONUSES: You will automatically join our communitonline where the battery of exercises will be available for you to practice at home plus other awesome content such as yoga asanas.
6 sessions, 11:30 to 12:45 pm, every Sunday.

Location: 2-40 Hayden st. 2 min walk away from Bloor-Yonge subway station.

Early bird price: 72 $ for the 6 sessions.

Start date: March 15th, 2020


Paypal and e-transfer: magelita@gmail.com

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