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Core C++ @ TLV

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This meetup will take place in the Google Campus Tel Aviv. Easy parking ( and a great view from the 34th floor!

The program:
18:30 Informal networking and mingling
19:00 News and updates, Adi Shavit
19:30 CUDA Kernels with C++, Michael Gopshtein
20:30 Threading Design Decisions in AutoCAD Web & Mobile, Max Raskin

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*CUDA Kernels with C++*
CUDA for C/C++ is NVIDIA’s parallel programming platform for its GPU processors. Although ++ is in the name, many CUDA examples that you find are mainly C-style code, especially when talking about the kernels.
We will see number of examples how the use of C++ can make the kernel code safer with no extra performance costs.

*Michael Gopshtein*
Michael has 16 years of software development experience, mostly around C++ and highly performing applications, from network sniffers to Augmented Reality platform design. A big C++ fan, a co-organizer of Core C++ user group.

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*Threading Design Decisions in AutoCAD Web & Mobile*
Porting AutoCAD Desktop to support web & mobile platforms is a grand challenge. AutoCAD has been around for more than 35 years, and its code base is written in C and C++ in such a manner that the code itself is a history book. Suffice to say, it aged well.

In the modern era it is vital make software available for use from any device. We've managed to get AutoCAD running on iOS, Android and the Web.

One of the initial challenges we've tackled is how can we create a cross platform mechanism of cross-thread communications that will be robust enough to work anywhere.

In this presentation I will talk about the design decisions revolving around achieving that and how those decisions returned and still return dividends all across the board.

*Max Raskin*
C++ dev, the one and only language for x-platform, working at Autodesk on AutoCAD mobile, live long and constexpr!

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See you all there!!