Mar. 2019 :: Distributed JLM/TLV C++ Meetup!

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Distributed Meetup JLM (BrightSource) / TLV (Check Point)
We have TWO sites:

- TLV: Check Point Software Technologies / Shlomo Kaplan St 5 · Tel Aviv-Yafo
- JLM: Bright-Source Industries (Israel) Ltd. / Kiryat HaMada St 11 · Jerusalem

- News and Intros: Adi in JLM
- QuickTalk: Defensive Programming: Noam Weiss in TLV
- Talk #1: C++ Programming for the Heap-Deprived: Asaf Helfer in JLM
- break
- Talk #2: A Closer Look at Guaranteed Copy Elision, Yossi Moualem TLV

Asaf Helfer: C++ Programming for the Heap-Deprived: Solving common problems without dynamic memory allocation

Avoiding dynamic memory (heap) allocations is a common practice in embedded development. In this talk we will discuss common problems and solutions, why to avoid heap allocation in the first place in some cases, and what does the C++ standard have to say about this?

Yossi Moualem: A Closer Look at Guaranteed Copy Elision
With the introduction of C++11, we all learnt that move does not move and forward does not forward. Now, with C++ 17, we learn that copy elision does not elide…
We will start our discussion with C++03 optional copy elision (but will extend the discussion to object lifetime prolonging). Then C++ 11 introduced Xvalues and PR values, in order to support move semantics. Now, with C++17 we will talk about guaranteed copy elision. Why it is important, and why we should not really care about the above nuance.

Noam Weiss: Defensive Programming might be a necessary evil, but it is also hard to do right. In this presentation we are going to look at a few cases of how defensive programming was employed correctly (or not), and try to provide some best practices based on those examples.

This meetup is generously sponsored by Check Point and BrightSource!

More details soon!