What we're about

CoreTech is a fast-growing tech company developing products and services for the online industry.

We provide scalable and flexible solutions to our clients around the globe, achieving unrivalled speed to market. We invest in product innovation and personalization. Our platforms are modular and support big data, our main goal is to deliver high quality software for competitive markets. We have started a new implementation of an existing product in order to apply modern architecture, software development and process paradigms, frameworks and tools, thus sustaining the long-term growth of our business. We create and use services and APIs in our architecture to make different functionalities less dependent on each other to create, change and scale. Our teams are multi-disciplinary and with few dependencies between them. We use Agile practices, processes and tools.

We have implemented Micro Frontends and Micro Services as architecture patterns, React with Mobx and CSS modules for seamless, fast and easily configurable UI, as well as Nest and Fastify for scalable and low overhead application backends. We use MongoDB, PostgreSQL and Aerospike for our data stores. We use TypeScript for safety and manageability of our code. We rely on Jest and Enzyme with Mocha and Chai to help us validate what we create, the quick and automated way. Our applications run in Docker containers orchestrated by Kubernetes, and we use Jenkins for CI/CD.

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