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This group is all about using Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers for practical appliations, and understanding the technology behind the hype.

How do you determine whether blockchain is the right solution, how do you select the right blockchain, should you choose Public or Consortium, how to deal with consensus, storage, scale, privacy, identity management, GDPR, etc.

Slides, video recordings and other material will be shared at http://corkblockchain.com .

We welcome anyone who is passionate about Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers, and we focus on the technology, use cases and real-world applications more so than Investments, speculation, ICOs and Cryptocurrencies.

How can organizations leverage DLT in the form of Consortium Blockchains (Hyperledger Fabric, Sawtooth , Quorum), while at the same time staying true to the trust and distributed aspects of blockchain?

Distributed Ledgers promise to disintermediate and disrupt many industries, from Supply Chain, to Asset Management, to Security and FinTech. How can you be a part of that disruption?

There are many opportunities in the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger space, and many challenges yet to be resolved, from Smart Contracts, to Identity Management, to Storage, Sidechains, Payment Channels, Programmable Money, etc.

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