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Café Move is a social club of members that develop and maintain the integrity of their physical structure through physical practice for, competition, vigour, positive ageing and desired aesthetics.

We thrive with movement. We rust without.

This is the ideal group for those that like to move and like a variety of styles.

Our morning classes start at 7 am Tuesday to Friday at Café Move Cork, Wilton.
There is a different style each day and all levels of ability are welcome.

Tuesday: Group Training with Sarah Anderson

Wednesday: Group Training with Shakira Coonghe

Thursday Group Training with Robbie O'Driscoll

Friday: Hatha Yoga with Sarah Fox

Classes are for an hour and there are showers in the changing rooms as well as a barista coffee available for attendees.

It is such a great way to start your day and have your exercise done before home time.

We also run Intensive workshops. These are hosted by our in house coaches.

New workshops are added each month. Check group for the latest addition.

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Café Move Cork

Keep growing stronger. This morning class is a full body strength and mobility development class to have you feeling pumped, fresh and ready for the day. Every class begins with a focus on improving the integrity and range of motion of the joints that are involved in the strength training portions of the session. The mass of the class is then distributed to teaching the attendees upper and lower body strength training techniques including Gymnastic Strength Techniques, Weight Lifting, Body Weight Training Modern Methods of Mobility Development. With each technique shown we offer both progressions and regressions depending on the ability and rate of growth of the individual. Classes are delivered in an open interactive style environment. The training gets done and never overdone. We train without the drain, improving resilience, ability, and body image. WHY STRENGTH AND MOBILITY? -Improve overall strength -Set yourself up for a great day -Dramatically avoid age-related degeneration of muscle, bone and soft tissue. -Feel Fresh and Strong • What to bring Please wear clothes that you are comfortable moving in. A hand towel is a good idea. Bring water if you like, we sell water should you need. • Important to know Book in here > > > https://www.cafemovecork.com/strength-and-mobility


Café Move Cork


A fun and dynamic class on Wednesday mornings that's a little bit like yoga, but so much more. It contains even more things to juice up your joints and get you feeling good midweek, including mobility training, strength training and movement based practices. WHY YOU CHOOSE YOGA AND MOVEMENT? This new class is yoga but with a new flavour. It's influenced by cutting edge science of functional range conditioning, and many different styles of movement to help create strength, flexibility, and control through full range of natural motion. Peace of mind and focus with mindful practices Learn breathing techniques Will leave you with a happy and healthy nervous system Literally the best way to combat a midweek hump. • What to bring Wear clothes that you are comfortable moving in. A small hand towel may be a good idea also. • Important to know Click the link to book in https://www.cafemovecork.com/schedule


Café Move Cork


This class is designed to keep the spine and trunk of the body in optimal working order. Both strong and supple. A class created weekly with a mixed combination of exercises, movements, games, and drills all brought together that both develop the stability of the body and ensure its capacity to move freely on all planes. Body weight training Flexibility drills Weight lifting Games Movement practices The spine, the centre column of the body that is the conduit for our central nervous system deserves all the attention given in this class to improve our overall health and function. Impacts of common place sedentary living, misuse, and poor strength can have our spine in sub-optimal functioning order. This class is designed to negate these ill impact and keep each attendee feeling fresh and being able for all that is ahead. WHY YOU CHOOSE SPINE AND CORE? -Maintain and improve your spines ability to flex, extend and rotate. -Start your day in a way that has you feeling great right through. -Create a stable core. -Feel fresh, strong and able. • What to bring Wear clothes that you are comfortable moving in • Important to know To book in > > https://www.cafemovecork.com/spine-and-core


Café Move Cork


Join us Friday mornings for some gentle vinyasa flow yoga. Friday’s Yoga and Meditation practice will offer a blend of traditional yoga principles. Yoga stems from an 8 limb system with our yoga postures- the physical practice, only being one. Friday’s Yoga classes will allow you to explore the practice on a deeper level, exploring the practice of pranayama (breathing techniques), dharana & dyhana (concentration & meditation) as well as asana (the physical practice). The goal and purpose in this time is to utilize the breath better, move with more ease, gain flexibility as well as strength and quiet the fluctuations of the mind. WHY YOU CHOOSE RISE AND SHINE YOGA? ‘Vinyasa’ is a term which describes coordinating breath with movement, providing a smooth transition from one yoga posture to the next. Finishing with meditation and the most important yoga posture of all; savasana. Time will be allocated for decompression of the body and deep rest of the mind to . -Build both strength and flexibility in the body -Learn breath awareness -Learn breathing techniques. -It will set you up for the day. • What to bring Clothes (including an over-layer for the initial warming up) that you are comfortable moving in. • Important to know To Book in press on the link below https://www.cafemovecork.com/rise-and-shine-yoga

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