What we're about

We want to build a community around passionate developers, interested in improving their technical skills, in discussing and sharing their knowledge with their peers.

This is all about "learning by doing": Coding Dojos, Architectural Katas, Mob sessions, moderated discussions, ...

We value:

• Practical, concrete discussions on code over generic talks.
• Solutions applicable in any language over vendor-specific tool marketing.
• Exchange of ideas in an open environment over passive listening.
• Learning by practising with peers over hearing and forgetting.

The Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship (http://manifesto.softwarecraftsmanship.org/)

Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship Gatherings (http://2015.itakeunconf.com/manifesto-software-craftsmanship-gatherings/)

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Approval Testing & Mutation Testing

Bank of Ireland Workbench

In this session, we will discuss approaches for working with legacy untested code in a safe way. We will see how Approval Testing and Mutation Testing techniques can be combined to quickly build a robust suite of characterization tests that enables us to refactor with confidence. Agenda: 6:15 pm - Approval Testing and Mutation Testing introduction and live demo. 7:00 pm - Hands-on time. Equipment Required: Please, bring your laptop prepared with your favourite programming language and IDE you plan to use already installed. Wifi will be available. Remember this is a Software Crafters session, meaning we respect each other, show passion for learning and teaching! We welcome developers in any programming language, of different experiences and perspectives. Facilitated by Paulo Clavijo.

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Hands-on session: Test-Driven Development

Dell EMC City Gate

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