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15th Cork.Net and Azure Meetup - Google and Amazon cloud for the Azure developer

Going to the cloud is a given. Endless possibilities with over 200 managed services, global coverage with datacenters everywhere and you are charged per usage. But which cloud should you use? As a Microsoft developer, you'd choose Azure right?!

In this session I'll show you the similarities between the three major clouds Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google GCP. I'll argue that in the end there isn't too much difference. The only thing that matters is that you should see the whole picture.

16th Cork.Net and Azure Meetup - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome using the 5 Rs

As a non-techie in tech Imposter Syndrome has been a close friend of mine for many years and as it turns out techies in tech know it well too.

When I kicked off Lisa at the Edge last year I struggled hard with Imposter Syndrome. I wanted to understand more about it so I leaned in and did some research.

I found a little system based on the 5 Rs and I’ll share that knowledge in this session and provide a system for coping with Imposter Syndrome.


Lisa is a Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Business Strategist at Dell Technologies and a Hybrid Cloud enthusiast!

Lisa recently launched the “Lisa at the Edge” podcast as an excuse to chat with talented and interesting people in the technology industry from across the world! The podcast focuses on Hybrid Cloud and Careers in Tech.

17th Cork.Net and Azure Meetup - Azure Functions: a guide to getting started

In this session, Layla will show us how to build a service using Azure Functions.

We will use a variety of function triggers such as HTTP and Queue, combining them together into a self-contained service that can co-exist with our existing project.

We'll also cover security, developing functions locally, architecture, and much more.


Layla is a Live Coder on Twitch, specializing in the .NET stack.
She is a Microsoft MVP, a director on the board of the .NET Foundation, and co-organizer of MK .NET user group.

Layla loves sharing knowledge whilst having fun.
No question is stupid and beginners are always welcome.

18th CDNA Meetup - Is Low-Code the end for Professional Developers?

Jow will then explain Fusion development whereby professional developers help low-code developers build a better application by harnessing Web APIs and the like.

This session should be of interest to IT professionals or anybody who simply want an overview of the Power Platform.


Joe is an architect with over twenty years experience designing and developing technology solutions. Specializing in the Microsoft technology stack including Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and Azure.

Has proven project-leading experience and software development life cycle knowledge.

Expertise in building line of business applications to streamline business process, provide better service, and increase productivity.

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