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Cork|Sec 58

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Running for nearly 5 years, every month we have 2 talks focused on Security or Technology - followed by socialising with like minded people. This month we have the following confirmed:

TALK 1: Use Cases for Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers - Johannes Ahlmann
We live in an era of centralized trust of financial institutions, amazon, ebay and walled gardens. Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain promise to decentralize trust and "dis-intermediate" many of the traditional platforms, gateways and exchanges we are using everyday.
When people think of "Blockchain", many will immediately think of cryptocurrencies. But the use cases, technologies and possibilities go far beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum.
While public, permissionless blockchains promise anyone access to a distributed ledger and agreed state of the world, Federated Blockchains can be used by more-or-less known entities to collaborate, and they also allow control over data privacy and confidentiality.
This talk will give an overview of the motivation for Distributed Ledgers, the overall technology behind them, and possible use cases from Supply Chain to Digital Assets to Programmable Money.

TALK 2: View into cracking part 2: KeyGen (Black Magic) - Kalli Schlauch
How does an attacker figure out a valid activation code for a piece of software without stealing or purchasing it?
Or worse, how do they figure out the algorithm enabling them to create a valid activation code for anyone?
If you ever asked yourself those questions, join me as I’m trying to lift the blanket

Doors open at 19:00 with talks starting at 19:15.
An Spailpin Fanach
27-29 South Main St. · Cork
How to find us

Meeting takes place upstairs in An Spailpin Fanach. If you can't find your way up, just ask at the main bar

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