What we're about

'Don't just think about making art, get it done.

Let everyone else decide whether it is good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art'

Andy Warhol

Welcome Creative!
Looking for a relaxing space to be creative?
Searching for new inspiration/subject matter by visiting new places?
Plenty of ideas but no time?
No experience but oodles of enthusiasm?
Lots of training but other things have taken over?
An expert who wants to share and do?
Motivated by a group but also like to work individually?
Need some regular time in the diary to develop your creativity?
Professional artist who wants new inspiration?

This meetup is about finding creative space within ourselves, our daily lives & Cornwall - basically it's giving ourselves permission to create. We will be doing a range of meetups from simply enjoying a cafe visit, chat while doing a creative activity to attending local workshops and art events.

This group allows one the chance to meet other likeminded people through CafeSketching, PhotoStrolling, developing CreativeSkills, attending events, and trying tasty food and wine. If you would like to allow yourself time to pursue a creative skill then come and join in.

Your Organiser - Charlie
Welcome to my Creative Group! If you want to find out whether this group is for you please contact me. My role as the Organiser? I choose the venues, organise the direction of the group, create ideas for future meetups, and provide motivation and support if needed. A bit about my background...i completed a foundation course at Falmouth Art School and Fine Art Degree. I have experience in organising arty groups, and general experience across many art mediums..including ceramics, silk screen printing, drawing, painting and printmaking. Some meetups i will be doing my own creative work, other times i be sharing my projects for others to join in with.

With regards to RSVPs please can you give at least 48 hours if you can't come, just so someone else can. For cafes i have to let them know in advance, and not all cafes allow sketching etc to take place, so we are lucky to have the space. We are often dealing with small groups too and if people don't come last minute we might lose the spirit of the group!

Please see individual meetup events.





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