What we're about

Hey everyone,

Whilst we may be tied to our homes, doesn‘t Corona also give us some amazing opportunities? We need to become more digital and there has never been more awareness for this, than ever before...

Why the hashtag #CoronaProof - because we want to not only hold uphold this platform during our curfew, but also because we want to create possibilities of helping each other and getting together without leaving the house.

--- What it's about ---

Whether this is shopping for an elderly person in your neighbourhood or a new dating platform, that puts meeting online first or a new online game - there is loads to be done and many many opportunities for us to be the best we can be... many websites and platforms do not yet exist, or are not known enough yet.

We will set up calls to discuss a single topic at a time and see if we can create something together as a solution for this. An example could be an app "to find people willing to go shopping for others in their close vicinity" or something as simple as "a washing schedule app", "training to use the internet" or even just how to "find a handyman close by".. they should be non-profit, so this is not about getting paid, but intends bringing positive changes to these times.. are you in?

--- Who is this for ---

This group is intended, for creatives, programmers, designers, coaches, thinkers, shakers and movers and other game-changers to get together and bring to life new solutions, helping us master everyday challenges during this time in #CoronaProof -manner.

--- How this will go about ---

There will be a weekly skype call per occasion, so this will be all digital.

Each call will focus on a topic and dependent on the number of people, we will hold the call together or branch into different groups with the target of designing different business model canvases to balance out if an idea is feasible - ideally, we will have a coach per group and can then debate the outcome together and decide if a solution is viable and whether we have the necessary skills to create it, or how we could go about this.

--- Aren't there already solutions for this ---

I'm sure, for some things, there may already be a digital solution - for others perhaps not... but even if there are, they may not yet be widely known. Let's change that using our networks, the media, or any other means we may find.

--- What do will we need ---

There will be a skype link per event which directly points to a skype group. If possible, please join by video, and for those familiar with Business Model Canvas creation - in case you have a form of whiteboard you can draw on visible by video, this may also help.

We will also post an outcome after every event on Meetup.

Beyond this, for the call, we only need an optimistic and positive mindset, a can-do mentality and clear focused thoughts and the willingness not only to participate but also carry this further, if something comes of a call and you are able to help bring the project alive.

--- Who will any outcome belong to ---

Anything we create her should become open-source and non-profit, so if anything, the projects will aim at free to use and self-supportive, but no more. Outcomes should be managed by those majorly involved in bringing the solution to life, but ownership shall become that of everyone.

Let‘s show people, that it‘s not money that changes the world - it‘s the people...

It would be an honour to meet you all.



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