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What we’re about

Remote Code Dojo  [please read more for details and pre-requirements]

We try put on at least once weekly, ideally same slot times, for remote pair kata'ing.

- Any language welcome
- Any skill level
- Beginner friendly
- Fun
- None-judgmental

Code of conduct

We're going to follow the Code of conduct outlined at:

I'll briefly touch on it in the introductory slides, but please have a read before attending.
Be kind and we'll have a fabulous time.


If you need help with any of the below, please don't hesitate to contact me on twitter @david_whitney - I'd be happy to help get you setup.

You'll need to come prepared to potentially host a screen sharing session.

Required software:

• Discord - we will use this to coordinate the session
• A programming environment of your choice
• Some screen-sharing software

This means:

• With a configured IDE that is common for your chosen language and stack
 With screen sharing or IDE sharing software enabled
• If in your framework or language it requires some setup or configuration, a unit testing library installed
• A microphone to talk to your pair

Suggestions for screen sharing software:

• Visual Studio Code with the VS Live Share extension enabled.
• - free during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The more prepared you are before the session, the easier it is to progress.I recommend coming with an empty project / program / repo with your languages default testing tools installed and ready before the session, it will remove a lot of the frustration of sitting doing remote setup over a webcam.

How it's going to work

• We'll all congregate on the Zoom link and walk you through how the session is going to run (~10mins)
• The kata for the session will be introduced
• We'll hop across to Discord Text Chat
• You'll self-select by joining the channel that you want to work in and find a pair
• Be prepared to switch it up, or work in other languages to help balance the groups
• We'll do some ping-pong-TDD (don't worry, it'll be explained in the intro!) for an hour
• At the end of an hour of hacking, we'll re-join the zoom chat to run a quick demo session.


Do I need to be an expert? I've never done this before!
No! Every dojo will start be explaining exactly how to start.

Is this beginner friendly

If you can install a programming tool and make some code run, this is for you <3

I'm nervous about pairing, can I do this on my own?

While the format is made for pair programming, if you want to work alone that's totally OK. I'd really suggest you give it a go, but it's ok to watch.

Can I just watch the session?
Again, while I'd encourage getting involved, I'll try my best to stream my own pairing session (so long as it's ok with my pair!) if you just want to get a taste and come to a subsequent dojo as a participant.

Zoom is evil! It has security flaws! etc

I too, am very online, and have read all of the things.I've disabled all of the tracking and diagnostics features I can on the Zoom meeting, but please presume that *nothing* said in the zoom meeting is confidential. I'm not recording anything, but presume you are being recorded.

By all means join with cameras disabled, I will think no less of anybody for being security or privacy conscious.

Zoom is the only thing I have access to that reasonably can support large group sizes. If anyone has a particularly strong objection to the above and can help me find a working and affordable alternative, I will gladly receive the help.

I'm nervous, can I pair with someone I know?

Of course you can! Just have them sign up for the session!

Can I pair with someone I live with?

Of course!

Can I pair with you?

Yes :)

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