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The Corporate Responsibility Forum of Orange County was created to focus on coaching small to medium sized businesses on the advantages of helping their communities. • Learn how to balance making a profit with supporting a worthy cause. • Learn to apply underutilized resources to improve your community. • Discover social problem opportunities you can help with. This forum is not for everyone. Only those innovators and business leaders who can understand the advantages of corporate social responsibility are being invited. We know you’ll want to attend. If you do right by the community…the community will do right by you. Over the past thirty years an idea has percolated though the business community… Your company can do well by doing good. Balancing social, environmental, and economic concerns has become a a strategic component for success. More and more, large companies are finding ways to balance corporate financial performance with corporate social performance. The problem… Most small to medium sized companies don’t know how to strategize or leverage their resources to produce Corporate Responsibility Benefits.

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