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Learn to Think, Create, Express with the Body
Our regular classes in Corporeal Mime - "the art of the thinking body" - are open to all. Whether you are an actor, dancer or artist looking for a new form of artistic creation, or simply someone who is curious about the expressive power of the body, you are welcome to come and try a class. Plus, we are currently offering a FREE TRIAL CLASS to each newcomer! SCHEDULE We offer three 90 minute classes every week: • Thursday[masked] (basic class) • Saturday[masked] (basic class) • Saturday[masked] (applied class) CLASS CONTENTS Basic Classes: In these classes you will study the technique and repertoire of Corporeal Mime. Through this training you will discover how to construct drama through posture and action alone. Class contents include: • Counterweights (how to create the illusion of weight) • Articulation (how to articulate body, space and action) • Dynamo Rhythm (how to control the rhythm and dynamic texture of movement) • Repertoire (the study of figures and pieces from the repertoire of Corporeal Mime) Applied Classes: In these classes you will learn how to put the technique at the service of your own imagination, using the creative processes of Corporeal Mime. Class contents include: • Improvisation • Creative devices such as transition, transposition and causality PRICING Non-member pricing: Each new person is entitled to one free trial class. From then on, each 90 minute class costs Y3,000, unless you decide to become a member... Member pricing: To become a member costs Y5,000*, after which you are entitled to our reduced rates and ticketing system: 1 class ticket: Y2,500 (valid for 1 calendar month) 2 class ticket: Y4,500 (valid for 1 calendar month) 4 class ticket: Y8,000 (valid for 2 calendar months) 8 class ticket: Y14,000 (valid for 2 calendar months) *FREE MEMBERSHIP OFFER: If on the day of your trial class you purchase a ticket for one or more classes, we will waive the usual Y5,000 registration fee. OTHER PRACTICAL INFO Classes are taught in a combination of Japanese and English. It isn't necessary to be fluent in either language, in order to participate. Please wear clothes that are easy to move in, and soft-soled dance shoes or no shoes. The studio will be open 10 minutes before the class begins. DETAILED DIRECTIONS From Sasazuka station, take the North Exit. After exiting the ticket barriers walk straight ahead through the shopping mall, passing Kaldi coffee on your left. When you hit the street, turn LEFT. You'll come to a huge road. Cross straight over it. On the other side keep going straight, down the shotengai. When the road forks, take the right fork and when it forks a second time, take the left fork. You'll come to another big road. Cross over it and turn right. Just after the Asian restaurant called Bharat, when you see a big orange sign that says メソッド you turn left. At the end of the courtyard you'll see some steps going down. Take those. At the bottom of the steps go in through the door at the end on the right. Once you've entered the building, look on the white board on your left to see which studio we are in. It'll be either B3 or C. Our flyer will be attached to the door. Leave your shoes on the shoe rack and just come in. For more information please visit

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Keio Biru B1F, Sasazuka 3-9-3, Shibuya ku · Tokyo