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The principle of this Meetup is to learn how to take better care of ourselves as multi-dimensional beings. This Meetup is about providing rich experiences and tools designed to increase self-awareness, strengthen and expand personal vibration, refine sensitivity, promote wellness, deepen intuitive skills and cultivate the ability to create more of what is wanted. Presented information and techniques, if used regularly, will help open you to higher and clearer levels of inspiration, guidance and healing.

This is more than just a discussion group. It is an organized, step by step process for healing, self-discovery and spiritual development. Offered topics will cover, but are not limited to: developing intuition, releasing trapped emotions, shock & trauma, communicating with angels and spirit guides, dowsing, muscle testing (applied kinesiology), meditation, manifestation techniques, etheric cord cutting, chakra balancing, toning, chanting, affirmations, goal setting, eliminating self-sabotaging beliefs, etc.

Bring an open mind and heart. Come prepared to have fun and step outside of your familiar zone. You are much more than just your physical body! You are a multi-dimensional being! You are much greater than you have been taught to believe. Take back your own healing power and step fully into your authentic self.

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