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Mr. Texas Real Estate is a National Real Estate Investment Company that provides an abundance of resources to both new and veteran investors. We are committed to helping investors save time and money by providing exceptional services. We are experts in the The Texas real estate market with over $300 million in transactions in the real estate market.

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Jason Bible and Robert Orfino can be heard on the radio weekday evenings at 9:00 PM CST on Houston AM 1070 The Answer

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Success & Networking With The Mastermind Members

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Register Here: https://bit.ly/3tSnBaB

Learn how to start and achieve you're 5-year plan for better retirement.

Join us for a Success Study Night and see how members are successfully utilizing what they have learned and are implementing.

Meet and network with the current members, who will share their experience working with Jason and Robert and with the Mr. Texas Real Estate team.

Bring a friend and see, what you can be doing as well.

How To Work With Mr. Texas Real Estate As Trade Partner

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Mr. Texas Real Estate is one of the fastest growing real estate investor groups in south Texas.

On this FREE webinar learn how becoming a Vendor / Trade Partner with us can increase your business revenue.

Being a MRTXRE Trade Partner means more than just being listed in our directory. We give you exposure to thousands of customers through our events, radio show, and the Texas Real Estate Investment Center.

How To Fund Small Apartment Funding (Webinar)

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RSVP Here: https://bit.ly/3DxjHHm

The best asset to have in a portfolio is Small Apartment.

However the major trick for Small Apartment is "How To Fund It"

Join us for this special one night only event where we layout the ground work on how to establish funding for your next small apartment acquisition.

Intro To EXP (Webinar)

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Multiple Steams Of Income As A Real Estate Agent

Take advantage of all the ways that EXP realty offers its agents to make money & create wealth.

Become A Part Of The Club 45 EXP Team

And scale your business the right way while also adding multiple income streams that will provide you with the lifestyle you've dreamed of?

What is The Club 45?

The Club 45 is not your average team of real estate agents.

  1. We are a global group of real estate agents and investors with extensive industry experience.
  2. Technology & Tools to scale and service your business.
  3. Sales & Marketing strategies that work in todays competitive market.
  4. Live and Archived Training by highly the world’s top agents.
  5. Mastermind & Mentorship to help you achieve your goals.
  6. ​Wealth Building & Passive Income through stock, revenue sharing, and real estate investments.
  7. Systems & Resources for you to tap into without reinventing the wheel.

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" 5 Ways to Make Money Actively in Real Estate"

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