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We at Cosmic Connections hope you are all well in these times of growth and change. Change can sometimes be painful. But it does not always have to be! And so the more we focus on joy and learning through laughter and play, the more we can manifest this way. There is no right or wrong way to manifest what you want. So the Mission of Cosmic Connections, which is a healing awakening collective that runs a Holistic Healing Program run at the beautiful Passing Clouds in Dalston, London is to offer events that provide a way to growth that can be fun and light hearted, mixed in of course with the more serious sad and reflective stuff. Each Monday evening of the month we have a different themed journey and on Sundays Chakra Balancing Hatha Yoga and Meditation workshops as below. We are about opening to Love, helping you to love the magical being you are, we are here to help your true spirit break out! Discover and share your gifts, restore your inner peace, give yourself permission to love who you are. Get to know the wonder that is you through yoga, dance, art, meditation, breathwork and sound healing!


*Last Monday of each month is a night called Shift Happens which has a different focus each month, such as Dance, Shamanism, Art, Sound.

* Third Monday of the month we offer a DivineBreath journey where we go deeply into the breath, which is very healing and transformational.

*Second Monday of the month there is a Yoga, Breath and Sound Healing event.

*On the first Monday of each month we will be starting a NEW Sacred Women's Group and a separate Men's Group launching May 11.


Every Sunday from 12.30pm-3.30pm we offer a Chakra Balancing Hatha Yoga and Meditation workshop which offers a rare opportunity to explore the more esoteric aspects of Hatha Yoga (Agama Yoga) and to deepen your awareness of your own energy through Yoga asanas, Meditation, Pranayama (Yogic breathing) and Sound to balance and harmonise your chakras. Each week we focus on a different chakra. These 3 hour workshops consist of a 2 hour Hatha Yoga and Meditation class with a talk each week on a different topic of Yogic Philosophy or purification and a Yoga Social where you can ask questions on your own yoga and meditation practice. This is currently running as a 7 week course but there are a few drop-in places available. Booking is essential.

Starting from June 7 2015 we will also launch the Quantum Healing Cafe at Passing Clouds which will run every first Sunday of each month from 4-7pm. The Quantum Healing Cafe is a Quantum Portal for Gathering, Empowering and Awakening with talks and discussions on Consciousness to encourage mutual growth and Healing Arts by donation from Reiki, to Tarot and Massage to increase Awareness, empower, uplift and increase connection to our Inner Divine Essence. And we also have the Quantum Healing Love Happens Cafe launching on Sunday June 21 from 4-7pm (and then every third Sunday of each month), which will have a particular focus on the Heart with Heart wisdom, meditation, blessing and healing. More details on the Quantum Healing Cafe to follow soon :).

Do join us if you feel the call :).

In Love and Service, Cosmic Connections Team

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Quantum Shift Full Moon Ceremony & Shamanic Journey

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Take a Conscious Leap into your deep Heart Self! 💖 Birthing Visions and Grounding Dreams Through Celebration 💖 💖 Peace Ceremony with Fouzia & Ashearon 💖 Heart Meditation, Healing & Activation 💖 Heart Wisdom Teachings 💖 Vocal Sound Healing 💖 Shamanic Moon Journey: Birth your Dreams 💖 Movement Meditation- Moon Rise Dance - dance your Dreams 💖 Sun Moon Meditation 💖 Heart Song Prayer 💖 Closing Circle More info & Testimonials: https://quantummoonshift.eventbrite.com Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/252301579427148/ THE OFFERING At this extraordinary time on the planet, we wanted to continue to support our Quantum Shift Family & all Lovers of the Sacred Heart to gather, unite in the Heart, uplift each other & uplift the whole of humanity. This is the first Quantum Shift celebration we're offering working with the Full Moon energies- time for a QUANTUM MOON SHIFT! This event also falls within the powerful window of the Eclipse season. The invitation is to Activate your Heart & shine your Light in full Joy! Gather in community & focus on who you Truly are - an incredible & powerful being of Love Light! Let go of fear & anchor in Love, Trust, Peace & Joy. The theme of this Quantum Shift is Birthing your Visions & Grounding your Dreams- now is a powerful time to focus on what you want to manifest personally & collectively 💖. In this Quantum Moon Shift sacred Ceremony we begin with a transmission of Heart Meditation, Heart Activation & Vocal Sound Healing. We then flow into a Shamanic Moon Journey, guided by Ashearon, to tap into your inner dreams & receive Moon guidance to activate Moon Manifestation! We end with a Movement Meditation - a Moon Rise Dance to dance your dreams into Manifestation! Welcome to the time of the Mystic Moon. Time to stir the inner waters of your creativity, bathing them with the moon beams of your imagination- Key to timeless Infinity… A sacred time to activate your Moon Medicine Through Sacred Dance and Ritual: Open your Co-creation Compass, caressed with the Dreams of the Magic Moon Dance, to shift and inspire. You cannot catch a moonbeam in your hand, but they can caress your new becoming, to align with this new time of Shift and new possibilities! Ground your Vision and sacred prayers with a dance to her Divine Being, a pearl of the night, a dervish in flight! Shamanic Journey: Get inspiration and Guidance for the Road Ahead: Enter your Shamanic Cave with the power of Spirit & Guides. Go on a deep Shamanic Journey, let Spirit answer your Heart-felt questions, peek into eternity, find new possibilities and reconnect to your own synchronicity! Before you Leave: Remember to turn up your inner Light, when you do you inspire the Light in others. Earth will turn with a lighter step and a brighter day. Make a loving new Now, to bless the new night. Let's all Breath Peace and Feel Alright! ☼ More Practical Details Below! ☼ Our following event will be Sun 21 June a Summer Solstice Celebration! This Conscious Gathering is brought to you by the hearts and minds behind Cosmic Connections (Meetup Cosmic Connections + Cosmic Connections FB Group, Inner Peace Wellness (Facebook Page, Facebook Group & Instagram), and Quantum Healing Cafe. Now in its fifth successful year and with many high vibration celebrations so far, our intention in co-creating these beautiful, friendly Quantum Shift gatherings with you remains the same - to create a powerful vortex of uplifting Heart-centered loving energy to send around Gaia and help humanity with it's rise to ascension and pastures anew. TICKETS ☼ £11.11 earlybird (til Sun 31 May) ☼ £15 If you're in financial problems, please PM us. We also have a couple of volunteer spots. BOOK HERE: https://quantummoonshift.eventbrite.com Zoom links & instructions sent upon booking. Zoom is free & easy to use- just download to your device.

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