What we're about

If you are awake, or on your path to awakening, and you know what I know, if you feel what I feel, then maybe we can work together to begin lighting up the Denver area. Tired of getting that blank stare when trying to share what you know?

Some of the topics include the Air Force and Navy Space Programs, Law Of One, Spiritual Awakening, Meditation, Non-Terrestrial Life and the Systems of Control in use on our planet.

Discuss aspects of disclosure:

• How to approach others regarding certain topics.

• How to identify who we can approach without overstepping our bounds.

• How to identify those boundaries when discussing disclosure with others.

• How can we be most useful in accelerating OFFIClAL DISCLOSURE.

• How to deal with feelings of frustration, impatience, etc. regarding current disclosure activities.

• How meditation can accelerate our awakening and intuition.

• How to respond to potential Solar Flash issues.

• How to live within Cosmic Law.

I have quite a bit of video documentary that I can share over each meet up if we decide that's something that would be useful or interesting for the group. Post a message if interested in seeing something specific.

Dimensions of Disclosure 2018

Wisdom Teachings with David Wilcock (30 seasons)

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Emery Smith (11 seasons)

Unacknowledged - The Sirius Film

Law of One Presentation

Touched: The Extreme Experience Research of Dr. John Mack

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Cosmic Disclosure Initial Introduction

1000 Englewood Pkwy

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