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This group is for anyone that wants to look beyond the veil of secrecy in order to explore the UFO / Extraterrestrial visitation phenomena along with everything it implies. Over half the US population believes Extraterrestrials and there is sufficient evidence to prove the validly of this phenomena should it ever be debated in a court of law. It's no longer a question of "Are we are being visited?" It's a question of "Who is visiting and why?"

Witnesses have described this to be a multi-dimensional experience that both physical and non-physical and everything in between. The descriptions of personal encounters range from "spiritually enlightening" to "terrifying" depending upon how the event was perceived.

Since the disinformation and secrecy of this topic are so high, it would not be complete without looking into related areas of power and control through manipulation of politics, war, science, public perception, financial markets and the flow of information. If you give a greedy power monger the God-like ability to manipulate reality, how do you think they would use it? Investigate 9/11 if you want an example. It's a huge topic whose implications can completely shift your perception of reality.

The so called "authorities" have kept this information under lock and key for a very long time. If they won't disclose the truth then let's create a safe space to see what we can learn from sharing research with each other.

In this group we will explore the physical, dimensional, and spiritual aspects of the phenomena including:

• How understanding this subject can empower your life.

• Who's driving and why are they here?

• The characteristics and types of visitors.

• The types of experiences people are having.

• The risks and benefits of the interaction.

• The states of matter (physical, semi-physical & nonphysical).

• The science physics involved (Newtonian, quantum, dimensional & meta) .

• The type of craft involved and the technology that allows it to operate.

• The political, financial, and military thinking behind the secrecy.

• Exopolitics - Who speaks for the people of planet earth?

• The individual and social impact.

• Other stuff that will surface as we move along.

I believe that we individually and collectively have the power to change the world we live in to a more open, aware and healthier society, but we need to understand the depth and breadth of the situation we are in order to rise above it.

Are your ready for something new? Please join us for an out of this world adventure!

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