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Have you ever felt that there is more to this reality than what you are currently experiencing? You are beginning to make decisions that even surprises yourself, decisions that are driven by a deep sense of knowing that this is right for you although everything else in your physical reality is telling you otherwise. There is a the longing for home when looking at the stars, or rememberance of personal childhood experiences that some would call science fiction. Synchronistic events are beginning to occur in your life that steer you in particular directions.

These awakening experiences are currently being felt by awakening Starseeds, as we begin to experience the multidimensional aspects of our being. The personality that is you is just a singular expression, experiencing and expressing in this reality. There are also many aspects of you expressing and experiencing in other star systems, realities and dimensions thus creating the term multidimensional. We are truly spiritual beings living a physical experience, and these expressions are realised through our Cosmic Connection.

This group creates the space to allow you to share your experiences and express who you truly are. We offer you meditations, activations/transmissions, healing and sharing, allowing for you to experience your multidimensional nature.

With Love and Blessings,

The Cosmic Team

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Alice in Wonderland Experience + Picnic (Hampstead Heath)

Hampstead Heath Rail Station

Beautiful Star Family, Spring is the time of new beginnings so take the leap and go ‘down the rabbit hole’ as I take you on a fantastic journey through Wonderland to experience an adventure like no other. 💖💖💖 As Star brothers and sisters we have come here on planet Earth to experience ourselves through joy. We have come here to remember what real meaning of life is and what it feels like to experience joy through the human body. When we were kids, we were able to enjoy life through play and fantasy. As we have grown, slowly we start to adapt to the idea that being an adult is a serious job full of responsibility, obligations and overall not so much fun. But is that true? Is that what the real meaning of life is? Is that why we have chosen to experience life on this planet? As we enter the magical world of wonderland in Hampstead Heat, I will take you on an enchanted journey to Self where you will reconnect with your True Self, understand the real meaning of life and get more clarity on your path. This workshop is for you if: - You would like to get more clarity on the meaning of your life. - You would like to receive more guidance on your path/purpose. - You would want to experience something new through fantasy and play. - You would like to create a more loving relationship with your inner child. - You would like to have a fun day. There is so much more that wants to be expressed through you in this life Star Family so come and join me to reconnect with your true nature and the elemental kingdom to receive clarity on your path. Workshop cost: £15 PayPal link - https://www.paypal.me/IlonaMachaj Due to the nature of this workshop, only five spaces are available. To secure your place, please make an online payment or text me to check if there are spaces still open. Workshop duration: 1h-1.5h. + Picnic After the workshop, you are welcome to stay for a social picnic. Meeting point – Hampstead Heath Rail Station at 1 pm. What to bring: 1. Blanket to sit on it. 2. Comfortable clothes and shoes to walk in the forest areas of Hampstead Heath. 3. Some snacks to share during picnic time. 4. And most important the willingness to play and have fun 😊 Meeting point – Hampstead Heath Rail Station between 12.45 - 1 pm. Please note that the date of the workshop may change due to weather conditions.

Bali Retreat: Opening To Love, Energy Healing & Transmission

Join us on a retreat that is designed for you to connect and open to the love that exists within by awakening your connection to your Life Force, expanding your heart consciousness and radiating love both inwards and outwards. Transforming your life into loving and fun experiences. Why Self Love? Some of us have been searching for love in the wrong places, getting hurt on the way, letting people hurt us, even judging ourselves; because deep within we have forgotten that we have an infinite supply of love. During these 6 days, we will guide you towards opening the door to forgotten treasure that lies deep within you. Our Self-Love retreat is the perfect gift to celebrate and love thyself! On this particular day of celebrating love, we are preparing something very special for you! You can read more about the retreat here: https://sacredheartawakening.com/bali-self-love-retreat-sept Connect with us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to experiencing​ the Bali magic with you. With love and blessings, Aang & Ilona

Peru Retreat: 9 Day Ayahuasca Healing and Energy Transmission

12 Participants Only This 9-day retreat is a journey of self-discovery, healing, connection and awareness. In addition to drinking ayahuasca in the ceremonies, participants will also experience energy healing and transmissions. Bringing visions and insights to each participant, bringing clarity and direction, purification of the physical and energy bodies, releasing ancestral wounds, shifting beliefs and an increased awareness of consciousness. The combination of the sacred shamanic practice with the divine energy transmissions will enhance your ability in understanding yourself and help you navigate your reality with greater ease. Retreat Details Dates: 4th – 12th November 2019 Duration: 9 Days - Check-in: 4th November 2019 - Check-out: 12th November 2019 Cost: £1100 - £400 deposit secures space - Transportation to and from Iquitos Airport to Retreat Center - Accommodation (shared accommodation, see below) - Food – Suggested special diet (2 weeks before retreat) - 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies - Energy Transmission and Energy Healing during Ceremony - Drinking of Medicinal Plants - 3 Group Energy Healing and Transmissions - Individual Counselling / Guidance Session - 2 Flower Baths - 1 Steam Bath - Teachings of plant medicine, icaros (sacred shamanic songs), - - - preparation of ayahuasca - Indigenous Tribe Tour Excludes - Airfare - Insurance Location - Iquitos, Peru - Retreat Center: Spiritual Dimensions For more information: https://sacredheartawakening.com/peru-retreat-ayahuasca/

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