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Service: Planetary Transmission and Personal Integration
• What we'll do With the alignment to a higher purpose (Ascension), we organically align to a greater essence that is at the core of our existence. We will be raising our vibrations as a collective as we channel multidimensional frequencies of Light for this alignment. As beings of light, this is our Service to our Great Mother Earth and our Kin, assisting humanity and guiding ourselves toward creating harmony with Mother Earth. In becoming channels for our Great Mother, we also experience incredible growth and development individually as Light Beings. Bring this harmony and Light into everyday life INTEGRATING balance, peace and abundance in all forms. • What you need to do Connect to the session here: Find a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed for the session. • Important to know Everyone has the ability to connect and to evolve. During the sessions, allow the mind to quieten and observe the inspirations and messages that come to you. You can also set a personal intention for each of these sessions, releasing old wounds and patterns, create change in your reality, expansion of your energy field... Be creative <3


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Welcome to Starseeds

Have you ever felt that there is more to this reality than what you are currently experiencing? You are beginning to make decisions that even surprises yourself, decisions that are driven by a deep sense of knowing that this is right for you although everything else in your physical reality is telling you otherwise. There is a the longing for home when looking at the stars, or rememberance of personal childhood experiences that some would call science fiction. Synchronistic events are beginning to occur in your life that steer you in particular directions.

These awakening experiences are currently being felt by awakening Starseeds, as we begin to experience the multidimensional aspects of our being. The personality that is you is just a singular expression, experiencing and expressing in this reality. There are also many aspects of you expressing and experiencing in other star systems, realities and dimensions thus creating the term multidimensional. We are truly spiritual beings living a physical experience, and these expressions are realised through our Cosmic Connection.

This group creates the space to allow you to share your experiences and express who you truly are. We offer you meditations, activations/transmissions, healing and sharing, allowing for you to experience your multidimensional nature.

With Love and Blessings,

The Cosmic Team

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