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The ancient Greeks believed that Cosmos (as universal order) are ruled by the Logos, which is the principle of reason, world-law and measure. They also believed that man is microcosm, structured similarly and connected to the Cosmos through Logos accordingly. Early Russian cosmists proposed the idea of technological decompaction/lightweighting of the human body, which eventually wouldn’t need an atmosphere and will be powered directly by solar energy. They call it “radiant humanity” - perfect society of highly moral and super-conscious beings merging and colonizing the whole Universe.

Modern Cosmism brining to this doctrine ontological foundation, scientific structure and comprehension of possible technology. It's suggested that the profound nature of the reality is digital and it utilizes existential source code coming from Being which are using “radiant humanity” for its preserving and modification.

Cosmism will “work closely together” with Transhumanism on transition period until consciousness uploading become possible. Then most likely humanity will be divided in two main directions: Earth base genetically improved biological civilization and departing digital society, creating new cosmic reality where the concepts of truth, consciousness, freedom and happiness will be deeply revised.

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