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Cøsmos - The Internet of Blockchains: This Meetup Group is for everyone who is interested about public and private Blockchains, we're organizing talks, workshops, or even casual beer hangouts to discuss about Cøsmos or anything else crypto related. These events are meant for anyone with any level of Blockchain knowledge or programming, we'll make sure you learn the most from us! Follow us and stay tuned for our future events!

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Want us to organise events faster and more quantity? Invite your friends to our next event, the more attendees the more resources we allocate to the Meetup! ^_^

### Can't wait to know about Cøsmos? ###

Here are some links to get you started:

https://tendermint.com (https://tendermint.com/)

https://blog.cosmos.network (https://blog.cosmos.network/) (we post new things regularly!)


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