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ATOM are transfers activated: https://twitter.com/cosmos/status/1120485337002905602?s=19

โ€ผ๏ธ $CMOS and $COSM ticker symbols are _not_ Cosmos Network tokens. Cosmos tokens are $ATOM (Cosmos Network) but _not_ Atomic Coin.

โ“ Have other questions? http://cosmos.network/resources/faq

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This channel fosters high-quality, constructive discussions about all things under the cryptosphere. Channel mods enforce a strict policy of removing spam messages, phishing attempts, and other such behavior.

This is a community-run channel, thus, the Tendermint team does not endorse groups, wallets, or exchanges that provide links in this channel. Please be skeptical, conduct due diligence and exercise extreme caution on any service provider with whom you interact.

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